Want to practice your traveling networking skills? Give them a workout in the vicinity of Arthur Ave and 187th Street . It is here that the curious are warmly welcomed with their questions about where to find the best of everything - coffee - Italian pastry.  cheeses, pasta, bread and a whole lot more.

When lots of people are in a common place like a store line or sharing a large tables at a popular eatery there are great opportunities for chats to develop.

People generously give their time and attention to help newbies or the curious navigate through all the possibilities. Find out where people’s favorite places are to shop and eat. The answer is usually quite intricate. For example for cheese, people shop different places of different types of cheese. It’s also a chance to hear about where people live, a little bit about themselves and the effort they take to shop here.

Shopping at Arthur Ave is an event to be cherished.

I have two favorite spots to network - the first is Domenick's Restaurant on Arthur Ave. After being seated, greet the other people at your table. You’ll be amazed what you can find out and it goes beyond what to order. The second is the Mozzarela store which is a very narrow store and people find it fun to chat while waiting for their turn.

Key point I want to make is - even if you're visiting somewhere you’ve been before, don’t stop learning about it. Initiate referrals - you’ll discover things to consider the next time you visit. By stimulating conversation you are engaging with visitors and locals and bringing your experience to a new level.