I walked into the room and I saw eyes light up. I was holding my ukulele. I offered it to a stranger and said, “Play it”. He said, “I don’t know how. I said, “ It doesn’t matter, just try.

Beautiful music erupted from his tinkering. It turns out I had crossed path with a cast member from “Crowns” currently playing at the Long Wharf Theatre. He in turn introduced me to the rest of the cast. From that first moment, they made me feel as if I belonged.

The story slam event began with the cast performing a story through song. I was next and they beamed as I shared my story about leaping out of my comfort zone to perform on Global Elevator Day. My elevators were inside Macy’s Herald Square. Inside those elevators I was made to feel welcome and that I belonged.

What leaps out of you comfort zone have led you feeling you belonged?