I love day tripping in rural areas. Driving down desserted roads, seeing farm silos and hand crafted road side signs make me feel away. Every so often I come across self serve markets where you select your items in an unmanned store and pay on the honor system. At Shunpike Dairy I poured my own raw milk, selected eggs and cheese and then wrote down my payment after dropping it into the jar.

It wasn’t my main destination, but the shopping experience was a memorable part of the day. I saw the farmer, the barn where the cows were milked and a barn basking in the sun.  I loved the simplicity, the freshness and managing the supply chain transport logistics of my items to my kitchen.

When I arrived home I loved the taste of my food souvenirs which were depleted way too quickly. The mason jar is ready for the next opportunity to shop or repurpose.

What are simple things that contribute to making lasting memories?