Photo by Beth Auerbach

Each wolf has a unique howl. I learned this as they sang their Sunday song in hauntingly beautiful harmony.  Just an hour’s easy drive from my home I was transported to that “miles away feeling” at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. I was attending a lecture and a tour with a  group of solo travelers.

In a small rustic cabin in the woods, we were briefed about the wolves and warmed by a wood stove and some hot apple cider. It was a short walk in the woods to meet the wolf ambassadors wearing their full winter coats and at ease in their habitat. 

We were “in the moment” loving the place without feeling a need for lengthy conversation. Our faces "spoke" that we were at peace as we immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature. There were dreams about returning to participate in the adult tented sleepover and wishes to attend a special photo session to capture the wolves without a obstructed fence view. 

What places have you visited close to home that give you that “away feeling”?