Less than one hour from my home, I was riding along side a river and snow was everywhere. I began to hear birds sing in the wind. I felt my shoulders relax and a smile form on my face as I approached a place that is known for its hydroelectric power and as a home to eagles.  I was at Shepaug Dam in Southbury, Connecticut.

As I presented my free pass (pre-registration required to prevent overcrowding), I heard that the eagles where currently on the river. Typical there are four of them. However today there were two more.  A special wildlife showcase included two rescued eagles.  These majestic feathered friends were once injured, now recovered, but unable to survive in the wild. They are educators and they are stunning.

Telescopes set up helped us spot birds, guests freely shared instructions where they saw the eagles through binoculars and volunteers made sure we got the most out of the experience.

I felt like there was no better place in the world to be. I felt pure joy. For me, it was the right choice of daycation adventure. 

Where have you visited that made you feel the same?