I spotted a list of “must not miss” dishes in NYC's Chinatown. Expecting Peking duck and sweet and sour chicken, I was intrigued that a meatless pie at a vegetarian kosher restaurant made the list. 

I had never been to a vegetarian kosher restaurant before!

I ordered the meatless pies that I understood were appetizer size and two other small plates. 

The waiter warned that one was very spicy and gave me the chance to change my mind.  I said “no” for the thrill of it.

Regulars were curious about whether or not I would eat it. It sparked conversation which turned it into an exceptional experience.   I'm glad I took the risk.

The little meatless pieces were outstanding as were the fried turnip cakes..I even received recommendations for what to try next time!

When you travel, what culinary adventures take you outside your comfort zone? .