I had an amazing time when I last visited Caramoor in Katonah, New York for the American Roots Festival. It smelled like sunshine and the forest.   I saw wicker picnic baskets, little girls twirling about in summer dresses and people’s heads and feet moving to the wonderful music. 

Recently I attended it on my own and the weather was unseasonably cold and rainy. Fashion was rain slickers, plastic sheets and people coveting cups of coffee. People danced with indifference to the rain - umbrella or not. They were smiling.

Common between the two experiences was the good mood and the audience engagement. People were "in the moment", sang along and discussed past and upcoming Music events. The artistry was uplifting. 

The close quarters under the canopy made me feel part of a close knit community. Attending solo heightened my focus and created a deep, comfortable, personal peace.

I felt free.

What kinds of solo travel leads you to feel free?