Attend a Summer Solstice concert at 4:30 AM in NYC as a solo? I decided “yes”, because of the majestic venue of St. John the Devine Cathedral, Paul Winter's ethereal music and for the adventure. It meant staying up all night because of the train schedule from Connecticut. I had explored overnight accommodations, but at best, I would get just a few hours of sleep and so I stayed up and spent time at a late night music club in the area before the concert. 

I arrived in front of the church and joined a small gathering of people at 3:30 AM which was when the doors opened. Concert goers were friendly, alert and many nonchalantly shared that they commuted using the subway. I perceived attendees as enthusiasts rather than insomniacs. They wore happy facial expressions. 

The concert began in total darkness. I chose to close my eyes, not to snooze, but to receive imagery of what I was hearing. Pure, soft cadences gently grew as the sun rose and light filtered into the building.

Exiting the church around 7:00 AM, I experienced the city awaken as I retraced my earlier path and strangers greeted me, “Good Morning”.

What would inspire you to attend an event that had unusual timing?