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Authentic Travel

January 24, 2017

A last minute discounted airfare to Bali - a destination I’ve wanted to visit for years, prompted me to head there. My priorities were to immerse in the culture, food and the massages. I sought out a homestay at the beginning of my trip to give me perspective. A simple Google search led me to a wonderfully unique one in the mountains that went beyond room and board.

I spend four days experiencing day to day family life, traditions and local sights with my host family. The open air style of...

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One Thing

February 19, 2017


I was walking down a cliff to the beach when a vendor stopped me to sell her wares. I declined as I was perched on an uneven stone staircase without a handrail and my priorities were climbing down without falling, going for a swim and avoid showing anyone where I stored my cash.

When I was finished with my enjoyable visit, the vendor greeted me. The only item that interested me was the beaded coin bracelet. I purchase three. Then the next vendor approached with a 33% discount if I...

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Role Reversal

March 6, 2017

I often walked along the famous road leading to the Monkey Forest. The forest is a lush oasis where monkeys lived without cages and tourists visited in droves. Visitors came to observe them, photograph them and to feed them.

But one day I saw monkeys adventure out of the forest in droves, flocking in front of stores, on roof tops and walking like tight rope walkers overhead. They outnumbered people.

Stopping to take a photo of an adult monkey resting outside a store, I realized that he was...

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