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Arthur Aveniue - Bronx's Little Italy

November 8, 2014

Want to practice your traveling networking skills? Give them a workout in the vicinity of Arthur Ave and 187th Street . It is here that the curious are warmly welcomed with their questions about where to find the best of everything - coffee - Italian pastry.  cheeses, pasta, bread and a whole lot more.

When lots of people are in a common place like a store line or sharing a large tables at a popular eatery there are great opportunities for chats to develop.

People generously give their...

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The Real Harlem

May 22, 2017

Whenever I visit Harlem, I feel the energy,  I feel the love and I feel the pride. At the Harlem Eatup Festival Grand Tasting, I felt the magic of it all coming together and most importantly I felt like I was home.

At the Harlem EatUp food and drink festival you arrive as a stranger and leave as a part of the family. In the midst of all the generosity, you discover things your never knew.  It changes your perspective and enlarges your desire to immerse in the spirit of Harlem.

Set in a...

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