How do I pack for a solo trip? I shared my approach for packing light for a two week trip during Traveling Solo 101 at Stratford High School on Oct 22, 2014,

I invited attendees to feel the weight and see what I take in carryon and checked luggage. All items are rolled or stored in ziplock bags for easy access and compactness,

Great packing is a repetitive process - put in what you think you need, close the luggage, lift it and say, do “I really want to lug that around? Can I live without some of these items?” Then take everything out, eliminate some things and do it once more. Remember, you’ll likely purchase some items and want to have space for new stuff.

Some will disagree - that there is luggage assistance available and often there is. But when you are on your own, more stuff makes you more vulnerable to all sorts of things.

Doing a bit of hand wash or sending out laundry for one person is not such a big deal.

Here are my top tips for packing success

  • A change of clothes in the carry on that you would be okay wearing every other day if your luggage is delayed. The other outfit would be your travel outfit and so ask yourself how you would manage and feel with these two outfits?
  • Try on what you are bringing to ensure fit, check for wear and evaluate whether it is hand washable…or how would it take to laundering in non-ideal conditions. Consider the weight of each clothing piece. If heavy, could it be swapped for two lighter weight one? Roll items to take up less space
  • Check on airline luggage restrictions and measure/weight the luggage before heading to the airport. Especially on your return trip 
  • Write down details of the luggage and its contents to be prepared to claim a loss. Maybe take a photo? Have a copy of your itinerary inside the luggage.
  • Keep prescription medications with you - do not check them. Take a photo of any prescription labels,
  • Take cold medicine and some first aid supplies.  Also tissues and/or toilet paper.
  • Use ziplock bags for liquids to prevent any leakage from ruining clothes.
  • Pack coordinated colors for mix and match.
  • Bring a bag to keep worn clothes from the fresh ones.
  • Even for warm climate, bring a sweater or light jacket that would survive sleeping in the event you get chilled. 
  • Pack non perishable snacks to have handy en route or in your room.
  • Check that you have all travel documents, passports, photo id, credit card and cash on you before you leave and have a plan where you will store your house keys in your hand luggage for a stress free return,

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